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PINEPHONE: Matrix clients on Linux Phones!

I actually wrote two articles about this topic ages ago and there has been depressingly little development since then but there have been changes that make the future look a lot brighter. What I am referring to is Matrix support on Linux phones and with that push notifications which essentially don’t exist in the current GNU/Linux ecosystem but are a essential component for a good Smartphone. I am probably not the only one who got frustrated by the current state more then once and possibly even lost hope altogether but there is a light at the end of a long tunnel and that’s what I want to show you in this article!

PINEPHONE: Reddit clients for Linux Phones!

Today I will focus on Reddit clients, yea I know Reddit is big tech but it can be incredibly useful and at least since I started to write articles like this one I wouldn’t want to miss it. There are actually quite a few Reddit clients and some of them very nice to so I would say that in this aspect you are absolutely covered as Linux Phone user! As always all of my testing is done on my 2GB Pinephone running DanctNIX Arch Linux and Phosh as DE.

PINEPHONE: 5 amazing Linux phone apps!

Today I thought I would make a small list with some of the in my opinion best Pinephone apps. As always it’s done on DanctNIX Arch with Phosh and my 2GB Pinephone and since I don’t have a Librem5 I can’t say anything specific about it but most of the apps should work across all true mobile GNU/Linux Phones. Note: This is a old article but I rewrote most of it on 07.

Plasma mobile apps in Phosh

Today I will touch on a topic that I had issues with for a long time till I somewhat figured it out or I at least hope I did. It’s not at all hard to do but you have to know what to do and since I found no proper guide or anything about this except for a environment variable list by Peter from linmob I thought I would make my own. I want to clarify that I am not a expert and my experience with Plasma apps is fairly limited but I got the few things that I struggled with together and wrote a quick post that will hopefully help some of you out there! As always all of my testing is done on my 2GB Pinephone running DanctNIX Archlinux mobile and these are things I also did on my PostmarketOS install.

PINEPHONE: 5 amazing Linux phone apps! Part 3

Yet another post about five of the in my opinion best Pinephone apps but I promised to make a small series out of this so it’s probably not a big surprise. You can find the last two posts linked down below if you are interested in more after this and as always the screenshots and testing where done on my 2GB Pinephone model in DanctNIX mobile Archlinux.

Podcasts on the Pinephone

Today I want to talk about Podcasts on mobile GNU/Linux devices. As one of the last truly free media formats Podcasts are a perfect match with devices like the Pinephone and it’s also what I enjoyed most of in terms of content formats on mine. I have to admit that I never really was into Podcasts but lately I discovered that one of my favorite newspapers (Der Falter) has one and from there it just went on with my all time favorite Darknet Diaries which is just fantastic, the Pinetalk and the PostmarketOS podcast. I bet I will discover many more in the future because now I am hooked!

PINEPHONE: 5 amazing Linux phone apps! Part 2

Today I want to highlight five more of the in my opinion best Pinephone apps in a little more detail. I think I will make a series out of this because I like to do it and apparently people like to read it. As always all of my testing is done on my 2GB Pinephone with DanctNIX Arch Linux.

Browsers on the Pinephone

Today I thought I would do a full rewrite of my Pinephone browsers post because it’s obviously a important peace on every phone specially with a limited app selection. I hope this is helpful to some of you and as always all my testing is done on my 2GB Pinephone with DanctNIX Arch Linux.

My Pinephone Dailydriver setup (Outdated)

Today I will talk a little about my personal Pinephone setup which I use as daily driver by now. Unlike on my testing setup where I just love DanctNIX Arch ARM in this case I chose PostmarketOS. The reason for that is it’s minimalist approach which fits perfect for a Alpine base and even better for a low end device like the Pinephone. The main advantage of Arch is the AUR and it’s always up to date packages which makes it perfect as a testing setup and for many of your probably also as daily driver but I tend to spend a lot of time for my daily driver setups to get them right once and then use them till I want to change something. I also took PostmarketOS edge since I think stable isn’t quite there yet but as soon as I get along with stable I will switch to that. So to sum it up what I use as my current daily driver phone is PostmarketOS edge with my favorite mobile DE Phosh. I can’t really say why but I just don’t like Plasma mobile in it’s current state it somehow feels cheap to me (personal taste). I though it could be useful to some to also include parts of the installation because of the sometimes annoying but awesome Pmbootstrap so this post will probably be a bit longer then my usual ones. As always everything is done on my 2GB RAM Pinephone and may be a tiny bit different on a 3GB version.

Fractal on the Pinephone

Today I want to take a look at a fantastic Matrix client on the Pinephone and show you workarounds for it’s main two issues. Fractal is a awesome Matrix client for Gnome and Phosh but it currently lacks support for encryption and on Phosh it can’t open the Gnome Keyring (safe your login). Luckily there are workarounds for those two issues and those are what this post will focus on. If you want to know more about all current options to use Matrix on the Pinephone I made a post about them a while ago which is linked down below.